Terms and Policies


All event registrations are non-refundable. Refunds will not be granted should an event be canceled for any reason including those outside the organizer’s control such as weather, natural disaster, or public health risk such as COVID-19.

Registrants who are unable to participate in the event for which they have registered for any reason including event cancellation due to reasons outside the control of the event organizers may transfer their registration to another runner, transfer their registration to a different distance within the same event, or transfer their registration to another event in accordance with the Next Opportunity Events, LLC Transfer Policy.  See the Transfer Policy below for further details.

Version 2.2 Updated 7/23/2020


Registered participants may cancel their registration at any time, but refunds will not be issued.  See Refund Policy above.  Once a participant cancels their registration the participant may not re-enter the event unless they register again.  All registration cancellations are final. To cancel your registration without transferring to another race, email us.

Version 1.4 Updated 11/2/2021


NOTE: Transfer policies differ from event to event, so read these policies closely.  NO TRANSFERS WITHIN 7 CALENDAR DAYS OF AN EVENT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.



Registered event participants may transfer their registration if they are unable to or choose not to compete in the race for which they are registered.  Registrants may transfer registration to another runner, transfer to a different distance within the same event, or transfer to another race by receiving "transfer credit." No registration transfer will be allowed within seven (7) days prior to the event in question.

Transfers to Another Participant - Registrants may transfer their registration to another participant. This may be done via the registration platform used to complete the initial registration.
Transfers to A Different Distance - Registrants may transfer their registration to a different distance within the same event. Transferring registrants are liable for paying any difference in price between the two distances. If transferring to a less expensive distance, no refunds will be granted for the difference in price.
Transfers to A Different Race- Participants may transfer their registration to a different Next Opportunity Events race prior to seven (7) days before the event.

Transfers prior to 30 days before the event - 100% credit toward a future race
Transfers between 7 and 30 days before the event - 25% credit toward a future race


We do not permit event “rollovers” or deferrals from one year to the next. If a registrant is unable to attend an event they have the option to cancel their registration or transfer to another distance, another race, or another runner. Registrants may not "rollover" or defer their registration to the same event the following year.

Version 2.0 Updated 7/23/2020



All volunteers at Next Opportunity events will receive a free shirt or hat.  Usually, this is one of our custom Next Opportunity Events tees, but we can make arrangements for you to receive another shirt from our store if you choose.  Please understand that sizes and selections are limited, and there may be instances in which your size or shirt is unavailable.  In that case we will make every effort to make you happy!


Any individual that volunteers with us at a Next Opportunity Events race for a minimum of two hours will receive a discount/free entry for a future race.  After you complete your volunteer event you may request a promo code that can be used on any eligible event that is currently open and accepting registrations (see exceptions below).  Promo codes can be requested HERE. 

Volunteer discounts will be given in the form of a free race up to a value of $100. Larger discounts will be considered for volunteers who work more than 10 hours at a single event.

Course sweepers receive free entry to any event regardless of event cost.

SHIFTS:  Each volunteer will be assigned a shift prior to the event.  Volunteer hours beyond the assigned shift will not apply toward your race discount unless prior approval is received from the Event Director.  Shifts do not apply to course sweepers. Travel time to and from the event does NOT count toward your volunteer hours.

WAITLISTS:  Volunteer promo codes do not override capacity limits.  A volunteer promo code does not allow the volunteer to bypass the waitlist if an event is sold out.

TRANSFERABILITY AND EXCLUSIVITY:  Volunteer discounts are NOT transferable and may only be used by the volunteer.  Multiple volunteer promo codes may not be combined for greater discounts.  Only one promo code can be used per race registration.  Registrations made with a promo code assigned to anyone other than the registrant will be canceled and refunded.

EXPIRATION:  Volunteer discount codes are valid for one calendar year from the date of the event at which an individual volunteered.

EXAMPLE: A volunteer works an event on 1/1/2021. The volunteer’s discount will expire at midnight on 1/1/2022.


Each of our events has a "Volunteer" section on the event web page with a form that can be submitted to express your interest in volunteering.  So if you are interested in volunteering, look over all of our events.  If you would like to volunteer for ANY of our race just fill out the volunteer form on the race web page, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  OR you can submit a general volunteer interest form HERE.


If you have volunteered with us in the past, you can retrieve your volunteer discount code HERE.

Version 2.3 Updated 9/13/2021


The following are the official race rules of Next Opportunity Events, LLC. These policies apply to all competitive running events managed by Next Opportunity Events, LLC. 

All registered participants must agree to the following Race Rules as part of the registration process for a given race. Violation of any of the following Race Rules will result in disqualification from the race in question. In certain circumstances of significant abuse, neglect, or disregard for the official Race Rules a competitor who violates these rules may be barred from all future participation in any Next Opportunity Events, LLC event. Such action is at the discretion of the owners of Next Opportunity Events, LLC. There will be no exceptions to these rules.


  1. Respect Staff, Volunteers, and Timers - Our staff’s #1 priority on race day is safety. Runners will not approach the timing tent to ask about the status of a runner, where a runner is, what your time is, where you placed, etc. Please let our staff and timers focus on their jobs during the race - keeping all runners safe and accounted for. Times, places, etc. will be shown in the final results that are posted online after the race. Crews who continue to harass timers or Race Directors about non-emergency issues risk having their runners disqualified.
  2. Leave No Trace - We proudly support the land managers both public and private that host our races. As such any misuse of public or private land will not be tolerated. Next Opportunity strives for sustainability in all of our races, and we hold our runners to the same standard. DO NOT litter, pick wildflowers, or otherwise deface the property in any way.
  3. Leaving The Established Race Course - Going off trail creates a negative ecological impact. Race participants are not to leave the established race course. Any runner who leaves the established race course by mistake must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing or otherwise be disqualified from the race. Any motorized transportation will result in disqualification.
  4. Courteous and Respectful Behavior - Mistreatment of race volunteers, other racers, or other trail users will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and bans from future Next Opportunity Events races.
  5. Receiving Aid - Race participants must maintain forward progress under their own power throughout the race. No motorized or otherwise assisted travel will be permitted except for rafts at the Breaks Ultramarathon. Runners may not receive aid from any person other than themselves except at official aid stations and official crew points. Accepting aid from any other person will result in disqualification.
  6. Banditing - Only registered runners and official pacers will be allowed on the course. No unofficial runners or "bandits" will be allowed. Banditing will result in the runner being barred from future Next Opportunity Events races.
  7. Aid Station Protocol - All runners must check in and out of every aid station. This is to ensure that everyone is accounted for and that everyone runs the full distance of each race. If a runner does not check in/out at of any aid station he or she will be subject to disqualification. There will be a volunteer at each aid station responsible for checking each runner in and out. It is the runner's responsibility to make sure he or she gets checked in and out of every aid station. Any runner who does not check in/out of every aid station will be disqualified and will NOT receive a finisher award.
  8. Pets - No pets are allowed on the race course or at the race site of any Next Opportunity Events races. This includes dogs on or off leash. Per regulations related to the Next Opportunity Events, LLC insurance policies pets are prohibited for the duration of that event unless written approval is provided by the Event Organizers.
  9. Aid Station Cut-Offs - Aid station cut-off times will be strictly enforced to the second unless otherwise specified in the official rules of any race. Aid station cut-offs refer to the time a runner must LEAVE an aid station. Any runner not OUT of an aid station before the exact cut-off time will be pulled from the race and disqualified. If a runner leaves an aid station before the aid station's cut-off time and returns to the aid station after the aid station’s cut-off time the runner will be disqualified. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
  10. Finish Line Cut-Offs - Any runner not across the finish line before the final finish line cut-off time will be disqualified from the race. Runners who reach the finish line but miss the final finish line cut-off will receive a finisher award but will receive a "Did Not Finish" official finish time. This will be enforced to the exact second, and no exceptions will be made.
  11. Drop Bags - At events that allow drop bags, drop bags must be BAGS. Drop bags must be a soft, collapsible material such as a backpack, ziploc bag, or drawstring bag. Hard, rigid containers such as buckets, plastic bins, and coolers will not be accepted and will be left at the start line. Be mindful and respectful of volunteers who have to transport drop bags. A drop bag is the property of the runner. Next Opportunity Events makes a good faith effort to transport drop bags to and from aid stations during the race as a courtesy to runners. Next Opportunity Events and its volunteers are not responsible for lost or stolen drop bags. Runners must take drop bags with them at the conclusion of the event. If drop bags are left behind after a race food items will be discarded, and clothing items will either be discarded or donated within 24 hours of the race conclusion. Drop bags will not be shipped to a runner under any circumstances.

Version 2.2 Updated 6/26/2021